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Celebrating Partnerships

October 24, 2012

RHAC has a rich history of developing strong long term partnerships as we strive to effectively address HIV/AIDS/HCV in the communities we serve.  From a social determinants of health perspective the challenges associated with HIV/AIDS/HCV intersect in many ways often contributing to a decreased quality of life and diminished health outcomes for those we serve.  We at RHAC recognize that we can’t address these issues in isolation and that strategic partnership development is key to achieving success in our work.  The notion of collaboration and partnership is embedded in our guiding principles;

We believe “In actively pursuing partnerships and collaborative initiatives that enhance both access to resources and the quality of services and supports available to individuals affected by HIV/AIDS/HCV.”

Over the years we have developed partnerships which are built on a foundation of common purpose, shared values and desire to affect change in the lives of the individuals we serve.  Maintaining effective partnerships is not always easy, yet I would offer that at the core of any successful partnership is the element of trust. Trust between organizational leadership and trust among the staff working at the front line will solidify partnerships and inspire goodwill to work through issues.  Trust is earned over time through clarity in communication, actions of consistency and demonstrated integrity while maintaining a lens that ensures the shared people we serve are at the centre of our collaborative intent.   In 2012 we have a number of long term and new successful partnerships which serve to enhance RHACs capacity to provide meaningful programs to some of our community’s most marginalized.  Our many awesome partners are proudly listed on this website  at

To the many partners of Regional HIV/AIDS Connection I offer a sincere thank you. It is your interest in, and willingness to work with us that enhances our capacity to meet our mission.  Know that we appreciate your contributions and we are committed to doing all that we can to create triple a win outcome for the people we serve, RHAC and each of our highly valued partners.

Thanks for your continued support!

Brian Lester
Executive Director