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A Heartfelt Evening

April 27, 2018


A Heartfelt Evening, hosted by and in support of John Gordon Home, is on Tuesday, May 29th. For more information, visit the event for details

Hosted in support of John Gordon Home (JGH), the 7th annual A Heartfelt Evening was held at Winks Eatery on Tuesday,
May 29th. Thanks to the generous support of all stakeholders of this event, we raised nearly $7,500 this year! Funds raised
through this event will contribute to providing essential items and services for residents transitioning out of JGH, and back
into the community, based on need. These items may include linens, beds, small appliances, other common household items
and related moving costs.
The lucky Door Prize winner was Allan Koivu and winner of the Raffle was John Lawler. Congratulations!

Our gratitude goes out to Dennis and Adam Winkler of Winks Eatery, who have graciously hosted this event annually from
its beginnings. We are also very thankful for the coordinating committee and all of the businesses and individuals who kindly
donated to the silent auction and raffle.