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HIV & COVID-19: What People Living with HIV Need to Know

March 20, 2020
"Regional HIV/AIDS Connection remains committed to offering meaningful and effective support and education to those we serve, as we navigate emerging information," says Holly Taylor, RHAC's Manager of HIV/HCV Support Services. "We are pleased to share the following document, published by UNAIDS; a reputable and trusted source for information, about unique considerations surrounding the COVID-19 for people living with HIV."


According to UNAIDS, "It’s important to underline that there is currently no strong evidence that people living with HIV are at an especially increased risk of contracting COVID-19 or if they do contract it they will experience a worse outcome. This does not mean that people living with HIV should take COVID-19 lightly and they must take all precautions to protect themselves." (via UNAIDS). 
"Like HIV-negative people, HIV-positive may also be at risk for coronavirus-related complications if they are over the age of 65 or have any of the underlying conditions associated with greater risk of illness, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and kidney injury." (Source: CATIE)


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