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Women's History Month

March 1, 2021



In honour of Women’s History Month, RHAC celebrates the incredible contributions women have made to our history, and our future. As an organization, we are always honouring the history and current realties of the HIV/AIDS movement. Since the earliest days of the AIDS crisis, women--especially LGBT2QIA+ women of colour--have been at the centre of community responses to HIV/AIDS as trailblazers and pioneers. Today, women continue to make HIV history as activists, organizers, scientists, health professionals, and more. This month is an opportunity to remember that women make history everyday as pioneers of movements and storytellers. Women are building better futures for all of us in no shortage of small, large, quiet, loud, and caring ways. Happy Women’s History Month!

Don’t miss out on these special dates and events during Women’s History Month. Details coming soon:

  •  March 8: #InternationalWomensDay
  • March 10: Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
  • March 12: Doing It for Ourselves (A Pleasure Workshop with Jess)
  • Weekly, starting March 8: Empowered (A Feminist Film Club in Collaboration with PLUMP)
  • and a special #InternationalWomensDay Speaker Series (announcing soon!)