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The Home With a Heart

The John Gordon Home provides the following supports and services to people with HIV/AIDS and HCV (Hepatitis C) who have immediate health care needs:

Transitional Care

Short-term housing in a safe environment with nursing care and personal supports are provided to people who have immediate medical needs and who require ongoing treatment/support. Residents work with staff to develop a care plan with a focus on stabilizing their health, building strength through nutrition and transitioning to affordable/appropriate housing. Transitional Care is available for a maximum of 12 months.

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Respite Care

Short-term Respite stays can be arranged with people who are not ready to return home after an illness/hospitalization, for caregiver relief or for those undergoing short-term medical treatments. Respite contracts vary in length from several days to several weeks, based on individual need. Contracts may be episodic in nature.

End of Life Care

Palliative care is provided for people who are at the end stage of their illness and have discontinued treatments opting for comfort measures. Compassionate care, privacy, and a home like atmosphere make the John Gordon Home a suitable environment for this type of care and support.

Applications for all programs and services can be obtained by contacting the Resident Care Coordinator or Executive Director at 519.433.3951. There may be a waiting list in place for John Gordon Home’s services. Residents pay an occupancy fee which includes all meals and other amenities.

Areas Served

We serve Southwestern Ontario, including the City of London and the counties of Essex, Lambton, Sarnia, Middlesex, Perth, Oxford, and Huron. JGH is the only HIV/AIDS Hospice serving the area.

Eligibility Requirements

An individual must meet all of the following criteria in order to be eligible for residency:

  • be 16 years of age or older
  • be living with HIV/AIDS or HCV 
  • be willing to work with staff to develop a program plan and work towards achievement of identified goals 
  • be willing to live in a cooperative environment, follow the service agreement and observe the rights and responsibilities and general rules of the hospice
  • require the care and support services of the John Gordon Home
  • accept the maximum length of occupancy criteria    

Harm Reduction Program

Residents may be working on a personal harm reduction model that helps to manage their addictions. There are services available to support a resident, and the personal harm reduction plan is a part of the overall wellness plan at John Gordon Home. Regional HIV/AIDS Connection’s Counterpoint program is a confidential service that can be reached at 519-434-1601.

Resident Bill of Rights

As a resident of the John Gordon Home, I have the right to:

  • be treated with courtesy and respect in a way that fully recognizes my dignity and individuality
  • live within a safe, harassment and violence free environment
  • identify reasonable goals and receive support from staff to achieve them
  • have my decisions and choices be respected, even though they may be contrary to the wishes or beliefs of others
  • be given information about services and resources in order to make informed decisions
  • be told who is providing my care
  • privacy in receiving treatment and in caring for my personal needs
  • have personal information treated confidentially
  • be cared for by compassionate sensitive and knowledgeable staff and volunteers
  • provide input and feedback into the John Gordon Home’s programs and policies
  • have a fair and clear complaint and appeal process without fear of punishment
  • display personal possessions, pictures and furnishings in my unit
  • receive visitors of my choice and to consult in private with any person without interference

As a Resident I recognize that these rights are to be observed in keeping with safety requirements, other residents’ rights and the law.