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RHAC Releases Safe Supply Position Statement

November 25, 2020

Regional HIV AIDS Connection's (RHAC) Board of Directors would like to announce the release of our organization’s position statement on safe supply.

RHAC is an evidence-informed agency committed to harm reduction practices that positively impact those living with, at risk for, or affected by HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C. It is with this mission we strongly support the advancement of safe supply programs across London and all communities.

The response to the COVID-19 pandemic has shown how quickly our governments and our communities can come together in life-threatening situations. We ask that the same response be given to the ongoing opioid pandemic affecting those most vulnerable in our communities. Safe supply offers an evidence-based response that can reverse the increasing trend of opioid overdose deaths and other substance-related harms.

Given all these variables, the Board of Directors at Regional HIV/AIDS Connection strongly urge all levels of government to expand access to safe supply in Ontario demonstrating the courage to do what is right for those in need of support in our communities.

Read the full Position Statement on Safe Supply.